first time seeing a BLACK HOLE

well it is finally happened, its taken years of pain staking searching, but astronomers have finally got a photo of a real black hole. the image it self might not look like much to you or i, but it is proof that they do exist The world-first image shows the supermassive black hole at the […]

another fly by

Here we go again Another asteroid is going to do a fly by on us on FEB 4 passing us at 2.6 million km away. the asteroid known as AJ129 is one of hundreds of object that pass us under 4 million km, which NASA has classed as the close range objects, but none of […]


well as the hunt for ET goes on, Astronomers are looking for the little green men in an unliky  place, the rogue asteroid “Oumuamua” which has come to our solar system from deep space, the are listen and looking for any signs of radiation or radio waves coming from the object as proof of alien […]

Can we chase down an Asteroid

There may be yet another future use for SpaceX’s huge Mars-colonization rocket. it could be used to chase down the interstellar asteroid Oumuamua, now this asteroid pass by us last month and is currently flying away at 93,600 km/h. now nothing we have could do this but with a gravity assist from Jupiter or the […]

Snowing Sunscreen?

NASA’s Hubble telescope has found that the planet Keplar -13Ab ( in a star system about 500 light-years from Earth in the constellation Cygnus )which has large amounts of (titanium oxide) a main ingredient of sunscreen rain down like snow on the planet, it is believed the that hot winds on the sun side of the planet carry […]

WOW a big momma

A super planet has just been discovered by astronomers, The planet orbits a star called Kappa Andromedae that is 2.5 times the mass of the sun and is located 170 light-years away from Earth. A gas giant planet it is 13 times larger than Jupiter. Its immense size put it on the borderline between plant and […]

Its time for a meteor shower

well its that time of year, Mid November face the east toward the constellation of Leo early evening on the 17th you should see the LEONID meteor shower starting up which can give people in both northern and southern parts of the world a great cosmic show as the meteors hit the earth atmosphere and […]

What a BANG

That’s a bang – two neutron stars collided on August 17th, creating such an explosion it allowed astronomers to see both light wave and gravitational waves at the same time, this rare event also created some heavier minerals like gold and platinum, the explosion it self even got it own name of KILONOVA. Now this […]

the hunt is on

Well it has begun, Astronomers are using new gravitational theories to search for the as yet unknown planet ” NINE ” . a planet that is believed to exist out beyond Pluto.  Before people say it is a waste of time, remember Pluto was only discovered in the 1970’s and that was by accident, so planet nine […]

WOW, just missed

well on October 12th we had a fly by, that is where an asteroid passed close to earth in this case Asteroid 2012 TC4 will fly past at just over 31,000 km now before people go all end of the world stuff this asteroid is only about 50 m wide, so if it hits our […]