Over 12 billion light years away in the constellation of LYNX is a cloud of water with over 140 trillion times all the water in earths oceans, this is 1 massive cloud of water


At 40 light years away in the constellation of Cancer, 55 Cancri is an entire plant made out of DIAMOND


At 30 light years in the constellation of LEO the planet Gliese 436 b it is 439 degrees Celsius, but the watery atmosphere forms in to whats called burning ice.


Our galaxy is big but the LGQ  Cluster is ever bigger. It’s forty thousand times larger than our galaxy and even breaks some standard laws of physics.




HD 189733b might appear to be a clam blue ocean planet like ours , but don’t be fooled this place is deadly.


A) The temp here is 1700 degrees

B) There is no water here

C) The blue colour comes from the molten glass that falls like rain here.


CFBDRIR2149 is a homeless planet, it is believed to have been booted out of it home system while it was still forming the planets, Astronomers think there are billion of planets like this wandering the universe


R136a1 is truly a monster this star is believed to be a fusion of several hyper giant stars ( yes it that big ) at 27,000 larger than our sun, and is putting out more power in 5 seconds than our sun does in 1 year



Discovered in 1995 near the constellation Aquila, the cloud is 1000 times larger than the diameter of our solar system. It contains enough ethyl alcohol to fill 400 trillion trillion pints of beer. To down that much alcohol, every person on earth would have to drink 300,000 pints each day—for one billion years.


WASP 12 would seem like another other planet, but its problem is its so close to its star that it is being pulled in, so much so that it is football shaped instead of a round shape

The supernova, named iPTF14hls, was seen to have exploded in 2014 and as one would expect with a star after this explosion it would get dimmer and fade away, but such was not the case. it started to get brighter. so when astronomers checked all the data they had on the star , they found evidence that it had already exploded in 1954, suggesting that it had been through multiple explosions. one theory is that the first explosion on such a massive star only blew off the outer layers leaving enough behind to start the process again lead to a second explosion


I speak a fair bit about the wired and wonderful universe, but lets not forget what is local to us, for example the moon TITAN that is around Saturn, now this is a fun little moon we know next to nothing about due to its thick atmosphere, our probes have only shown us about 20% of it surface, but what we do know is amazing, like it has a lot of methane gas ( natural gas ) in fact it has so much gas it forms into lakes, now earth could use that gas and solve its energy crisis ( little note – methane gas is what make FARTS stink ) .

Also using a wing suit and getting a running start a person could in essence fly like a bird by flapping their arms, simply because of the weak gravity and thick atmosphere that TITAN has would easily allow this to happen  



Ok lets talk about that wonderful little thing known as H2O or water, now you may ask what water has to do with the universe? well it is found in most place around the universe from nebulas to stars to planets, either as super hot steam or as super cooled ice, now it takes a lot of energy to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen, which means water can exist in its molecular form for millions of years, with many scientists believing that when you pour a glass of water that 50% of the water was first formed in the big bang over 15 billion years ago. so some of that water is as old as the universe it self.



There are 2 things people might not yet realise – humans came from the stars, yep that’s right you and I are made from stars, now let me explain this in easy term and one of the easiest is the mineral IRON, now in a human Iron accounts from about 3 to 4 grams ( not much I know ) but without it humans would simply die, but iron is very hard to make, you may think it comes from the centre of the earth but it doesn’t, the is only one place where iron s made naturally, that is in the core of super massive dying stars,

As a star explodes all the elements that it hold as crushed in to larger elements like IRON and a blasted across the universe eventually forming planets and thus life on earth, so that small amount of IRON in you blood, came from a dying star millions of years ago.

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  • Douglas Mackie says:

    I have always been fascinated with the stars so when your page showed on your came up for comments I just had to visit.
    First I found your page laid out nicely and not cluttered which made it easy to read your short and pertinent comments for each of the stars and constellations that you showed on the page.
    Took some time and read more of your posts, and all I can say is keep up the good work.

    • raven says:

      I too like the stars and planets, its amazing how things that you think aren’t possible here somehow are completely normal out there, and how we seem to think of our selves as big and powerful, but comared to somethings out there , we are just tiny

  • Sharon says:

    An interesting article. Strange things but true. We used to say that our world, Planet Earth, is getting smaller and smaller because technology has connected us – faster and more efficiently. Reading your article, Earth is very small indeed. Thanks for sharing the universe. Learning new things every other day.

  • Jeff says:

    Excellent Post and Information on Galaxies and Planets! I was so amazed by the Diamond Planet and the Water Cloud that holds 140 Trillion times more water than our whole oceans here on Earth. The Galaxy is truly an amazing spectacle to behold.
    Where is the closest inhabitable planet to us and with current technology, how long would it take us to get there?
    Thanks, Jeff.

    • raven says:

      your look at the star system Gilese 581 located 20 light years away i the Libra constellation, it hold the first plant the we know exists in whats called the “Goldilocks zone” ( not too hot , not too cold zone ).

      traveling at the speed of sound ( which is a speed we can travel at today )

      Gliese 581 D is 20.5 light years from earth. That’s 120511820150263.97 miles.
      The speed of sound in Earth’s atmosphere at seal level is 768 mph.
      That means it would take 156916432487.32287760416666666667 hours or
      almost 18 million years.

      now that is a hell of a distance

  • Helen says:

    Kevin, thanks so much for this little piece of (in the future) important trivia.

    I think the fact that these places are so far away allows us to dream and to stop the ‘consumers’ from ruining them.

    Imagine if the world’s water shortage was overcome by moving that cloud over here. Maybe the black hole would follow! Just kidding.

    Well maybe the water’s constitution would be poisonous to us.

    Diamonds; I am sure someone would be willing to exploit it.

    Very interesting article.


    • raven says:

      yes but you must remember the value of diamonds comes because they are so rare, so if someone dumps one hundred tonnes ( from diamond planet ) on the market the value will drop, you could buy a diamond ring for $60,

      same with the water cloud the expense of getting it would far out weight the profits  

  • Cali Blue Dream says:

    Now we’re talking! I’ve seen my share of space media but pointing out the peculiar ones is right up my alley. I imagine HD 189733b to be a giant marble. Show up to the playground with that in your bag and you win! And I wonder which space-faring nations are planning to pull a heist on 55 Cancri.

    Where did you learn about such incredible natural wonders?

    • admin says:

      i have always loved astronomy, so over the the years i picked up bits and pieces of info here and there, now what id like to see is the bag you got HD189733b stuffed in and who your playing against to need a marble that size.

      As for Cancri 55 e , i know i certainly wouldn’t be going with a surface temp of 3000 degrees some other poor fool can go get the diamonds

  • Dave says:

    Wow. That’s mind blowing. I can’t even get my head around a a number like 140 trillion let alone a cloud with that times our ocean. Your website is a fun and easy read. I love space and the strange nature of our reality. Do you have a Facebook page I can follow your blog on?

    • admin says:

      you should read my latest post on site about the 2 neutron stars, now that is one great big _____________ bang right there, no facebook page just yet but i am working on it

  • Matt's Mom says:

    These are strange things, as well as things I had never heard of before such as the water cloud. Did not know there could be such a cloud (although I know that is where we get our water from), yet this holds 140 trillion times the water in all our oceans. Just amazing! Can you see this thru a telescope or is it too far away? I have always wanted a telescope, and looking forward to one now I think.

    • admin says:

      The cloud is around a black hole 12 billion light years away so that put it somewhere on the other side of the universe, so you would need a giant radio telescope to see it , ( something out of most peoples budgets to buy )

      the water here is made by the black hole, the sheer force of the black hole is smashing the oxygen and hydrogen atoms together to make water  

  • kenuetrecht says:

    i find this kind of stuff fascinating… its crazy how much is out there and blows my mind to think that we have only seen barely a fraction of what is out there.. It really puts things into perspective when you think about how much is really out there and how small earth truly is.

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