we can go into space, but should we???

Yes space is and amazing place to go, but should we really go there?????

I ask this because do we really know how dangerous space is? here on earth is where we evolved, here it’s a safe place, we can live long lives here but space is a completely foreign place to us. Everything is against us, lets say your traveling in a spaceship as you fly along your ship might be hitting a dust cloud, a small pebbles no bigger than a grain of salt could hit hard enough to punch through the hull, which could be enough to set off decompression, that happens a BOOM your suddenly float in the blackness of space. Solar or cosmic radiation could fry either you or your ships electronic system leaving you stranded out there. case and point the Apollo 13 mission to the moon

Your ship alone would need layer upon layer of shielding to protect it for heat, gas, radiation, and dust and the must be the strongest things ever made I say this simply because these protections must be able to withstand the crazy things out there, I mean some nebula s out are just gas, dust and radiation, but these things alone have made the nebula over 200,000 degrees, now the surface of our sun is only 20,000 degrees, so right now anything in our technology would be destroyed in seconds in one of those places.
Ships and probe would be destroyed by gravity, heat and cold, have you ever watched star trek, that massive eye looking thing on the front of the ship is the deflector array, it surrounds the ship in a massive energy field that protect it’s from the surrounding space.

Now there is also time is against us, humans have a very short life span, I mean traveling through space would still take hundreds of years even at light speed, at 10 times the speed of light the nearest start is still 72 years away, that is 1 persons entire lifetime, the next star after that is 502 years away, so we would have to find a way to either break the time barrier or break the universe. So we can travel at hundreds of time the speed of light

Now lets say we did make it to another planet, to live there it would need to be earth exactly from the force of gravity to the compositions of the soil and the right atmosphere, any deviation could be fatal to the people going to live there. now once you have found a good planet it would still take decades to terraform it something livable. everything we would need would have to be brought with us too, plant seeds , cattle , even the water itself would all need to be brought along, did you know the earth is the only planet where water is found in a liquid state. all other planets its either a gas or ice particles

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